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If you are moving from one house to another and wish to take your greenhouse with you, depending upon the type and its state of wear, we can recommend companies who will dismantle your greenhouse, store it for you, and reassemble it in your new garden.
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We don't just sell greenhouses. If you have broken panes of glass, a damaged autovent opener, a snagging door - whatever the problem we will recommend trusted companies who will fix it for you.

A wide range of spares and bits and pieces are usually available to address most repair problems. There are times when your greenhouse is too old and can't be repaired, but its always worth a call to see if we can recommend someone who can help.
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Greenhouse Site Visit

We happily provide a site visit service across Scotland (within reason). This may include discussing where to site your greenhouse, to take sample measurements and to talk through the alternatives for the greenhouse and accessories with you.

Any one considering a lean-to would be well advised not to purchase without a site visit.


Maintaining a greenhouse ensures it gives you many pleasurable years of garden enjoyment. We can recommend great companies who provide a range of services to assist in maintaining your greenhouse including:

Additional accessories
Upgrading glazing
Providing replacement auto vents and cylinders
Adding Louvres, water butts and guttering
Cleaning your greenhouse inside and out

Whatever maintenance needs you have, help is at hand.
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Greenhouse Assembly

Most greenhouses arrive in a series of long cardboard boxes with an instruction manual, a big bag of nuts and bolts, and a pile of glass.

For those people who enjoyed Meccano in their childhood this is heaven sent, but for many of us, time and other pressures conspire to prevent us from building the greenhouse ourselves. Get in touch and we will recommend one of a number of companies who can take care of the whole process for you.
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